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When You Feel Lost…Reach Waaay Down…Friendly Giant Style

Sometimes we reach a certain period in our lives in which we’ve forgotten our roots. The past few days have felt like such a period. Well don’t fear. I have rediscovered my true self. What is this true self that I speak of. What is it that I’ve forgotten. What is it that truly defines who I am as an individual, both spirtually, mentally, physically, and scentwise? Well, it can really only be one thing. That thing is Kenny Rogers Jackass. I get mopey. That happens when I don’t watch Kenny Rogers Jackass at least once a week. Well, I watched it tonight. Here’s to a fantastic week.

Of particular note, and really the core of my inner being, is the Batfetcher with your teeth. If you haven’t tried it, you really haven’t lived until you’ve caught a Louisville Slugger in your pearly whites.

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