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It’s That Time of the Year…

When it’s -29 degrees outside…and -13 is a nice, warm day.

When you eat far more than you should but you do it because you want to get a taste for everything (cranberry sauce, dressing, turkey, potatoes, peas, corn, beets, pickles, squash, dessert, etc………). And then take a nap.

When you scrape enough of your windshield so you can see what’s in front of you so you can drive to work.

When you go outside and your hair, still wet from the shower, instantly freezes.

When you go to bed with long johns, socks, a hoodie and gloves on, and you’re still cold

When it’s better to be warm then it is to look cool…but people still try and look cool…which really means…cold.

When most streets are lined with cars that haven’t moved in a week and are not only covered in snow but also have a snowbank on 3 sides of the car and have no chance of driving away without some serious snow shoveling.

Add your own………..

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