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University of Calgary – Online Payments

So the University of Calgary just this year stopped accepting credit card payments and instead are only accepting cash, cheque, debit card, or money order. This was done with the goal of using the credit card fees saved by the university to put back on the pockets of students in the form of bursaries. Sure. Great idea. However, many people don’t have thousands of dollars of cash and also like to collect benefits (Air Miles) by paying with their credit cards.

Well, a way to do this involves 2 steps.

1) Go to and send a request for money to yourself. Pay this using your credit card. Then, deposit the payment in your bank account.

2) Pay for your tuition with the money received from your Paypal payment. Since you paid with your credit card online you will receive the benefits which your card offers.

Try it out. It’s an alternative to paying by cash or debit for sure.

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