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Ultimate Thoughts

So many of my posts have an ultimate theme to them. That’s no coincidence. I love the sport. I love everything about it. When I train, I train so I can be a better player. It’s nice how they go hand in hand.

I thought I’d put down a few thoughts on ultimate and sports in general though.

It’s something that is often said but I don’t think it can ever really be said enough.

Exercise is good for us. Not just health wise, but mind wise. When I’m exercising I feel that I’m able to better process my thoughts and emotions. I feel that I’m better able to figure things out. And I’m happier after working out than I was before. It’s a great ability that exercise provides for me. I’m sure it’s the case for many people.

And many times, we don’t take the time to exercise enough. We use the excuse “I’m too busy”. But then we end up sitting on the couch doing nothing for a few hours when even a 10 minute jog and some stretching would have d0ne our body a lot of good.

So the next time you’re sitting there thinking that you’d really love to work out and you start to say “Oh but I have too many things to do”, make sure that one of those “many things” involves working out. Just a bit each day. And remember that it takes 21 days for a new routine to become habit.

Commit to it.

And I’ll see you when you’re happier.

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