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Those Who Are Always Difficult

We all know someone like this.

  • You say how you read that something wasn’t great – but they say that the person who wrote that is an idiot.
  • You say how you’re loving a song by a band – and they say how terrible that band is
  • You give your opinion about something – and they say that your opinion is stupid.

Why do these people behave this way? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s the great thing about everyone being different. But what compels them to shoot down someone else’s opinion? In the grand scheme of things, noone is really ever “right”. When someone says a movie is bad…that’s their opinion. There’s no way to determine if it’s bad or not; it’s all subjective. So why do people insist on trying to be that? I think the best thing you can do is appreciate everyone for being an individual and having their own opinion and cherish everyone for being their own person. And for those people who choose to knock other people; they’re not worth the time.

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