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Day 2: Fresh Fruit, Ultimate, Tequila + Tacos

When I woke up Saturday, I had no idea what an amazing day I would have.

I’m staying with Victor and his family – so his parents, him and his 2 brothers and their bird who sings a lot. I love their house – it’s wide open, gets lots of sunlight and is in a great neighbourhood which is close to everything. They differentiate between a grocery store and a supermarket – grocery store is more where fresh fruit is sold and is for the neighbourhood and the supermarket is much bigger and serves the city. I like the grocery store idea – very welcoming, open concept and the food is fresh.

Anyway, for breakfast, I had Guava and Papaya for the first time – a taste I’m not used to but I like it – and they were so fresh. Yummm!

One thing that’s totally surprised me is the culture here – I didn’t realize how important friends + family is compared to Canada. Victor and his 2 brothers live at home and they are very close. I feel that is a big thing we’re missing in Canada. I feel like it had it’s place sometimes but in Canada we seem much more focused on our careers and entertainment than something real like our friends + family. I’m very lucky to be staying with Victor and getting to see this side of Mexican culture.

We went for a little tour of downtown and it was amazing how many people have fruit stands along the street, and also how many people try to sell something when the car is stopped at a light. We stopped and I got to see the Mausoleum of the Corregidora which holds the remains of Josefa Ortiz Dominguez, a heroine of the Mexican war of independence, and has many statues representing and honouring important people from the history of Queretaro. It’s amazing how much history there is in Queretaro. It’s easy to be proud of your heritage when you’re able to see it and read about it so easily.

Later on, we bought some Tuna fruit (also called Nopales) from a street vendor and it was delicious. I wish we had it in Canada but cactuses are pretty rare!

After we played ultimate and ate some food, we went downtown and watched the Mexico vs USA Golf Cup final at Wicklow’s Irish pub. Their pubs + bars are tucked away so when you walk down the street you really don’t know what’s inside until you get to the door. It’s quite neat as it makes the downtown seem a lot less commercial.

After the game, we went to meet up with some of the players from Malaki and I got to drink some delicious Mexican Tequila. I was feeling mucho bueno and got to eat some real tacos from a street vendor which were also quite delicious. I’m getting used to the spice in their food slowly.

I hope all my friends and family are doing amazing. I didn’t realize how much traveling would open my eyes to so much – but I guess when I see the culture the way I am, I can’t help but be influenced and inspired.

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Fresh Fruit, Ultimate, Tequila + Tacos”

  1. Only a small correction, the fruit “tuna” is the fruit of a cactus which is called “nopal” in Mexico


  2. @AlexMendoza I know 😉 I thought I explained it properly 🙂 I saw some cactus today and the nopal are on top of them…I would have had some if only I had a knife with me 🙂

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