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Just Be Yourself

If I’ve learned anything through all of my different experiences in life, it’s very simply this: just be yourself. No matter what we choose to do, who we choose to be with or how we choose to spend 0ur time, ultimately the best choice we can make is that which makes us happy, that which we enjoy doing and that, which is at our core, who we really are.

I think this quote sums it up quite nicely:

Why live to please others? I mean, it’s your life. If you aren’t happy with it, what’s the use in living?

There are many paths we can choose to take but there is only one which will be the one that brings us the most happiness and joy in our lives, and that’s the path which is our own. No matter what that is.

Think about it.

There are some pretty sweet jobs: rockstar, professional athlete, professional dancer, etc…but the one which is best for you is the one which brings you the most joy. So choose your job wisely.

There are lots of great people in this world but the ones who will bring you the most joy and be the best people in your lives are the ones who truly care about you. So choose your friends wisely.

There are some pretty great hobbies: dancing, golf, ultimate, skiing, biking, etc…but the ones which you will find the most enjoyment in are usually the ones you are best at and get the most out of for yourself. So choose your hobbies wisely.

I think you get what I’m saying. Be yourself. Dammit, just be yourself.

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