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Clarity of Self

Once you have developed a clarity of self, you can start building the life you want.

Clarity of self doesn’t have to be fully developed however, since even a bit of clarity about who you are and what you want is all it takes.

Once you have this clarity, you will choose to spend time with people who are more your type of person. You won’t just hang out with someone because they want to hang out with you.

You will start having people in your life who are positive influences and will contribute to your life rather than taking away from your life.

I strongly believe that nobody should put someone else ahead of their goals. I believe that your passion and your goals are the most important part in your life – it gives you a sense of meaning – and to put someone ahead of that will only cause you pain and regret over not being able to realize your potential and go after your passion.

I’ve felt my clarity of self becoming stronger the past few years. I felt as though I had lost myself when my mom died in 2001 and I only realized the impact that had on me about 2 years ago, looking back on everything I had gone through.

For me, I felt like it all started to come together once I started to have opportunities being presented to me simply by me doing what I was passionate about and creating my own path.

Being flown to China, being flown to Mexico, competing in disc sports competitions and meeting the legends all would not have been possible if I hadn’t put myself out there, connected with new people and taken risks on more than one occasion.

Do you feel as though you’re searching for your clarity of self? Are you aware of this journey or are you moreso just enjoying the ride?

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