Why is love like karate?

If you look at how the ranking system works in karate, there are different colours of obis (which is like a belt) which represents the level one has achieved.

While many schools have their own unique spin on exactly what each color (or kyu) represents in terms of both technical skill and philosophical growth – and some might have slight variations in the order of their belts– most generally follow this path. Let’s break down what each rank means to a karateka beginning their training journey, color by color (from the AWMA).

  • White Belt – beginning
  • Yellow Belt – opening of the mind
  • Orange Belt – further opening of the mind
  • Green Belt – basic steps of the journey are complete
  • Blue Belt – further growth along the path
  • Purple Belt – growing into the more advanced levels of training
  • Brown Belt – ready to mature into the higher ranks
  • Red Belt – intense dedication to master their art
  • Black Belt – end of the journey and continue on the path to enlightenment

Each belt colour represents the level that one can achieve in karate and it represents hard work, dedication and commitment to the art of karate.

We can compare love to karate in this way because one could say that love represents hard work, dedication and commitment between two people.

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Obviously there are more elements to love but as a person trying to understand what love might mean, I think this can be a useful analogy.

If you meet someone and they tell you that they love you, think about what level that love might be at. Is it very new? Maybe it’s an white belt kind of love. Have you been together for a while? Maybe it’s a blue belt kind of love.

I think that once you get to the black belt level kind of love, that is such an advanced level representing the highest level of love – engagement, marriage, a lifelong partnership.

Some people get scared when they hear the “L-word” but in reality, love can represent a whole wide range of levels.

So the next time someone tells you that they love you, think about what colour of belt they’re wearing.