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Source of Motivation

I wrote this on my blackberry and sent it to myself while I was at the Tom Petty concert a few weeks ago. I was watching the fans in the floor seats as they watched the show and had some thoughts about it. I’m going to leave the post exactly as I wrote it; fragmented but with complete thoughts. Feel free to add your own thoughts…

Find something to talk about that inspires people. Talk about it. Be passionate about it. Promote it. Live it. Spread it. Find something that entertains people. Find a cause that people can rally around.

What is it about musical or athletic talent that draws people to spend so much time and money on the pursuit? Since they are not actively involved in the activity, why do they become so drawn to it? Do they think they have an effect on the outcome or the overall experience by being in attendance? Do they think they can make a difference? If so, why don’t more people vote? Or donate blood? Or support real causes? Why do more people go to a rock show (and pay money) than go to a political rally for a real cause? Does practicing ignorance and keeping our distance somehow make us feel that we are not avoiding what is real because we pretend we don’t know about it?

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