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odd and misunderstood



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I love to write and although I don’t keep up with a regular schedule, I often refer back to some of my favourite posts when I need them. The most important post I’ve written is called “Love is Like Karate” – check it out!

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I’ve always loved quotes and as a kid had them posted all over my wall. In high school, I had to buy the school a new math textbook because I filled the book with my favourite quotes. Whoops.

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About me

I am many things but first and foremost, I am someone who is curious and committed to creating a life worth living.



Welcome friend.

I am Rob, a motivational speaker and frisbee ambassador with 13 Guinness World Records. I am based in Canada and travel all over the world speaking, teaching, competing, and growing the sport of frisbee.

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odd and misunderstood

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odd and misunderstood

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