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Ugh…My Head Hurts

Setting: A dark and messy room

Lights down.
Lights up.

There is a bed in the middle of the room. The alarm clock has been beeping for an unknown length of time. Clothes are scattered on the floor. A glass of water, half full, sits on the night table. There is a body lying on the bed, face down, sprawled out. The body, appearing lifeless, slowly moves and lets out a groan.

Unknown figure: God, I pray to you. If you help me get rid of this hangover, I will NEVER ever drink again.

How many times have we uttered this prayer aloud to ourselves? Don’t we realize it is in vain? Why do we say it? Even if we don’t believe in God, do we think he is that powerful that he can magically cure a hangover? Who was the first person to speak these words? I’m sure it has been happening for a while and until a cure is found for hangovers, it will continue to be spoken…

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