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Snickers and Spare Change

As I normally do, I stopped off at the Shell before practice to grab some energy (i.e. a Snickers bar). Today was not like a normal day however. Oh no, I only had $1.50 in change. Well, I went to buy a Snickers bar (large) and upon finding out it was $1.98, I returned the bar to the rack, let a cute girl go ahead of me and went off to find a smaller, cheaper bar. I got back in line, having quickly found one, only to have the cute girl hand the Snickers to be saying “This is the one you wanted right? It’s ok, I got it.”

I stepped back, and said simply “Really? Wow, thanks.” I wasn’t really sure what else to say. I have never seen that before, let alone have it done to me, and for such a simple act of kindness (and for only $1.98), I was honestly blown away.

Later, I was told by a friend that I should have asked for her number…next time it happens I will for sure! haha. But in this case, a simple act from a stranger put a huge smile on my face and made my day.

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