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Day 3 – World Cup Soccer, Pozole, Ultimate + a Mexican Car Wash

Monday was already sort of pre planned based on the soccer game being suspended from the night before but I also had a few things to do so it was more laid back than some of the other days.

The soccer game started at 10am and it begin at 0-0 with no time played; based on what we were told the night before, the game was going to restart with Denmark leading 1-0 and 25 minutes having been played. However, this was not the case and so I digress. Around the 35th minute, Denmark scored to again take a 1-0 lead. This game mattered because if Denmark won, they would advance. A draw or an Australian win meant Australia would advance. The game was pretty good – lots of chances from both sides but I felt that Denmark held the edge in chances (and obviously in score). However, there were some dirty plays which affected the moods of both teams but I felt that Denmark got more frustrated and inevitably, Australia finally scored – with 1 minute left to play. It was a great goal and followed some drama from a Danish player going down in front of the Australia net – he stayed on the ground although he wasn’t hurt, the ball moved to the opposite side of the field, and Australia scored to have the game end in a 1-1 draw and so they advanced. Compared to Sunday, the crowd was just a fraction – maybe 1,000 compared to 25,000 the night before so it was definitely much more quiet than it could have been. All in all, a good game.

After that, I got some work done and then Victor and I went and threw for an hour up by where Jose bought his house. Nice spot with a good view of the city – the grass space we threw on was a bit weird – it felt like they have just thrown some sod on top of a parking lot but there was a good crosswind so we got to work on our wind throws quite a bit.

After that, we headed for a Malaki UFC practice which lasted around 3 hours. Before the practice, there was some excitement as Victor’s car got stuck in some mud. Just after we pushed him out, Alejandro pulled up and proceeded to get stuck as well. Needless to say, both of their cars were covered in mud so after practice, we headed out to a car wash to get Victor’s car cleaned up. Well, that was quite the experience. Not only are the car washes in Queretaro much cheaper than Canada ($4 compared to $10) but they also wash your car for you while you wait. I thought that was neat as it created jobs for people where there normally wouldn’t be one (at least not that I’ve seen in Canada really).

After the car wash, we headed out for some food and I got my first taste of Pozole, which is a traditional soup passed on from the Aztecs. The pozole was delicious (and not as spicy as I was expecting – or maybe I was just better handling the spice than I expected) and I also had some enchiladas which were also delicious.

The third day was busy but a nice break compared to some of the other days of my trip. It’s always nice when you can do such a variety of activities and end the day with some delicious food!

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