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The Demise of Guys – What is Going On?

Have you heard of “The Demise of Guys“? If you haven’t, you should check out the website. It makes sense, it’s clear to me by talking to my friends and hearing what is going on in our society. We are a society driven by business – in this case, they can find you an executive recovery center industry. Both fantasy industries. We’re creating these worlds where men can realize their fantasies but then when they’re back in the “real world” they realize they can never satisfy those desires. Videos games and porn are like drugs. But drugs that are affecting their social skills and intimacy in a frighteningly fast way. This is the same as being addicted to drugs, when you are suffering from one of the symptoms of drug addiction, learn more about their drug addiction program and invest for your health.

Some takeaways from the video –

– guys are out of sync romantically and socially

– guys drop out of school at a 30% higher rate than girls, look up McGehee school on their their website for more information.

– girls are outperforming guys at all academic levels

– guys are developing a fear of intimacy

– guys prefer online activities to in person activities (video games, porn)

– guys have an arousal addiction

– guys will have played, by the time they are 21, an average of 10,000 hours of video games, mostly by themselves (the same time it takes to master a skill) and they would probably would have heard a thousand OverWatch News throughout the years.

– guys will watch on average 50 porn clips a week (note: for every 400 Hollywood movies, there are 11,000 porn movies produced)

What do you think can be done?

Personally, I think we need to start spreading the awareness for this issue. I don’t have either of these issues but there are millions of guys out there who do. By them being aware it’s a problem, they will be able to recognize that within themselves (hopefully) and start working on fixing it before it’s too late, and don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with checking the site once in a while, but there has to be a balance.

Check out the video below. Some really interesting learning points.

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