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Not So Clever Anymore

So my foray into answering some of the stupid questions got old fast. Like after a few days. I just wasn’t interested in answering them anymore and I doubt anyone actually read them. I sometimes wonder, like many do, how visible my blog actually is. Is there anyone who actually reads my blog? Is there anyone who keeps up to date on my site by checking it every so often? The fact that I have not gotten any comments in a long time would suggest the contrary but I am getting visits (I checked my analytics) so something is going on.

Not that I need comments, but it would be neat to read them. Would be neat to hear what people would actually like to hear and read about. I know many times a blog becomes popular because the author picks something unique and obscure to write about and via word of mouth, more people start reading the blog and checking it out more often. Other times, the author knows a great deal about a topic so people are interested in reading about that topic from an expert in that field.

Perhaps I could take a dual approach. Write about something obscure once in a while (such as pinecones and how sticky they make your hands from all of the sap and how this is a problem) and then write about something in which I know a lot about (technology, ultimate, leadership/coaching). Interesting. I think I just came up with a whole plethora of new topics for posts. Stay tuned.

Oh and leave some comments.


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