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Barack Hussein Obama – 44th President of the United States

Today was the 2nd day of training at SMART. It was also the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. So promptly at 10am, we took a break and went down to the cafeteria and watched the swearing in of Obama on a large screen which was set up. There were roughly 50 people watching and after he took the oath, there was some applause. But then everyone quieted down to listen to Obama’s speech.

Now, I think speeches can be a great thing. And Obama is truly an inspirational speaker. When I watch him speak it reminds me of watching a movie. It’s smooth. The pauses are at the right time. And there are some very motivational lines. And I’m sure he practices every speech until he knows it perfectly. But there is a question in the back of my mind after listening to his speak. Which is “Will he deliver?”

I like the approach he takes. Dean compared it to a coach giving a locker room speech to his team. Obama is very empowering and puts a lot back on the people. America has become a very lazy society (Canada too). We are the fattest population in history. It’s disgusting. Absolutely sickening. Why have we become so lazy? Why have we become so complacent? Why do we settle do often for things which do not make us happy? Why are we so far in debt? Why are the junk food companies making so much money and people are getting fat and dying?

Yes there are many problems in our society and as much as I complain that the news focuses too much on the negatives and should focus more on the positives, I find myself too focusing on the negatives. Why is that? I find that I’m extremely happy. I’m busy doing the things which I love doing. Working in online marketing and social media. Eating sushi. Playing frisbee. Working out. Watching movies. Designing websites. As I spoke about in one of my previous posts, Do What You Want. Truly it’s that easy. If you are doing something you don’t love, or dating someone you don’t love (in a loose sense of the word) or living somewhere you don’t love, then change it. You have a choice to make and there is nothing stopping you from making the choice which brings you happiness.

Going back to the previous paragraph, yes I’m very happy, but I believe that we can all be happier. Although I’m happy doesn’t mean that I’m satisifed. I want others to be happy too. I don’t want there to be a concern of someone stealing from someone else or murdering someone else or abusing someone else. If everyone did what they loved (and those sick people who murder…I will bet you that they love doing someone healthy and non violent) then this world would be a much happier place.

Summing this up, I believe that Obama is making his best effort to put the onus on the people to create their own happiness and to create a better life for themselves. Noone needs a 3,000 sq. ft. home. Noone needs 3 cars. Noone needs a $20,000 watch. Even if you can afford it, what’s the point? You don’t need to be blowing money on things which you think will buy you happiness. Be happy first and then worry later about having those nice things. Happiness can come completely free of charge. I created my own happiness first by giving my time free of charge to something which interested me. That later grew into a paid role which led to my current full time position.

I am excited to see what the PEOPLE do while Obama is in power. I think he will inspire people to want to be better. Everyone has the ability to be happy and to do what they want. It’s a matter of them feeling empowered to go out and do that.

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