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All Work and No Play

Do you ever get down and it seems to perpetuate and you wonder what’s going on with you, and then other people start to notice as well? Does it happen to correspond with a lack of exercise/eating properly? Funny how they seem to go hand in hand.

Now, I’m no expert on the psychology or nutrition but I’ve talked to several people who are and it seems to be a simple formula to me.

Exercise + healthy eating = Your body and mind working better

Our bodies are the most elaborate machine ever created. If you think about how much we take care of our cars and our houses and other things we’ve bought, doesn’t it seem odd that we don’t put the same care into the maintenance of our bodies and minds? Sure we haven’t purchased those, but our bodies and minds make life possible and without those, we don’t have anything else.

At times it’s easy to lose track of what we’re doing because we get caught in all the bullshit of our daily lives, but if we take the time everyday to do something good for our bodies and minds you will definitely notice your “machine” running much more efficiently.

Even 30 mins per day of something. Go for a run. Read a good book. Go to bed 30 minutes early. Take the time to make time for yourself. And when you are ready to go to work and start your day, find out here now about the best accessory for your job.

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