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Ever heard of a Breathatarian?

Read some thoughts about it:

If we can acquire proteins, vitamins and other important nutrients that are grinding stomach needs then i think there’s no need to eat and poop at all. We will even save a lot of money because we don’t have to buy Centrum, kitchen utensils, and all those mambo jambo stuffs that we need for food and being “healthy”. If Breathatarian lifestyle can make us last through our entire life span without making ourselves grip a rope or lie on a wall for us to be able to stand up then these Breathatarian way of life will not only save us money, it will also promote world peace. People wont have to steal for food, they just stand up at a street corner when they’re hungry then breath frantically, and they’re on the go again. It’s like ghostly fastfoods everywhere.

But can all of us practice this lifestyle? We may not because first, people might protest and form a group called “we miss chewing food youth movement” and second, because the fact is we are humans not plants with chlorophylls.

Imagine…frantic breathing everywhere…haha.

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