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Spending Time with Family Over the Holidays

Something that is tough living so far away from home (roughly 4,500 km actually) is that I don’t really get home much and usually have to make a decision between going home in the summer (better weather and cheaper flights) vs over Christmas (lots of snow, delayed flights and more expensive flights).

For the past 2 years I’ve decided to go home in the summer – which was convenient because my vacation coincided with the Parlee Beach ultimate frisbee tournament in July. It’s such a great time and it’s an easy way to see most of my friends all at once.

However, because of how I was raised and how much Christmas means to me, it is tough being away from them during the holidays. I have so many fond memories of being a kid and waking up on Christmas day, opening presents and playing games with my family.

I try to do as much of that as possible whenever I’m not able to make it home for Christmas but something I’ve realized over the past few years is that family will always be family but close friends and really nice people can be close like family too.

That’s why this year I’m giving a huge shout out to my friends who are going to make this a great Christmas even though I’m not able to spend it with my family in NB. I will still try to call them all on Christmas morning though. And open my gifts from them.

Dang I wish I had a Christmas tree though. Hmmmm. There are a bunch of trees just up the street….

1 thought on “Spending Time with Family Over the Holidays”

  1. Ik ben bezig met een studie in de medische sector in spanje … Ik ben ook een hosteler, voor mij was het echt een geweldig ding als ik ga bij mij thuis in mijn zomervakantie, echt het was geweldig de tijd dat ik had wat tijd doorbrengen met mijn mijn moeder of alle leden van mijn familie .. Ik heb altijd wachten op mijn zomervakantie …

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