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Old People

I watched an episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit tonight on Old People and some of the opinions of the people on the show really angered me.

There was a bunch of young people complaining about old people. Seriously? They do realize they’re going to be an old person someday right?

I find it so frustrating how ignorant and rude some people are. I find that the Millenials generation are such an entitled group that they are so closed off to anything but themselves and expect everything to be easy and done for them. If you look at what people are consumed by on a weekly basis, you have such useless stupid things like Charlie Sheen, Jersey Shore and Rebecca Black.

What happened to caring about that the things that actually matter? About the things that are real and aren’t simply paid advertising? What happened to us listening to real people who dedicate their lives to making our lives better instead of just cluttering it with more noise?

In that spirit, who do you listen to who is real and is making a difference? Give them props here!

Here is someone I respect: Ben Carson – a neurosurgeon with an amazing story that shows anything can be achieved through hard work

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