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Detox Day 1: Listening to My Body

What was great about the first day of the detox is that I felt noticeably more clear headed. Eating when you’re hungry and eating clean food made for a great Friday. All of the meals were delicious, I felt great after each one and I even felt like I sweated more easily when I worked out. I know it sounds strange but I really feel that when you eat clean, because your body functions better, that means you’ll be more effective at sweating too.


Chia seed, honey and coconut milk pudding

The best part about Day 1 though was that I was getting tired around 9:45pm so I decided to go to bed. Normally I would stay up as late as I could until I could barely keep my eyes open – some nights that means I’m up until around 2am but I decided to listen to my body last night. I set my alarm for 7am, thinking I’d wake up early and get some work done. I didn’t have to rely on my alarm – my body woke me up at 6am and I felt super rested and awake. I didn’t want to lay in bed and I was immediately up and out of bed. This is great!


Alfafa sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, tamari, tori and avocado salad

I’m excited to keep this going and I think I’m going to extend the detox to 7 days and I will probably carry some of the meals on after the detox is over – a glass of water with lemon and ginger upon rising I really like. I will probably keep juicing one of my meals everyday and I’ll keep the 2 snacks in daily – celery, carrots and cucumbers in the morning and activated almonds in the afternoon.

And I’m actually finding this really easy to do. Although I did go to a pub last night for a bit to celebrate Gian-Carlo Carra’s 40th birthday. There was a lot of beer and birthday cake but I didn’t have any although I normally would have had a few beer and a few generous bites so it was nice to not indulge.

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