Moving forward is all about getting to know yourself and knowing what you need to make yourself happy.

I’ve met a lot of people who don’t have a passion and don’t have dreams. For whatever reason they let others dictate their lives for them, whether it’s their parents, their friends, or their partner. I’ve been there too and let others influence my direction. Sometimes it’s good for them to have that impact, but it’s much better when their impact affects you in a good way.

For example, say you’re really passionate about sports. And your friends like to drink a lot. What will benefit you in a positive way and help you move forward?

Or, you’re really passionate about going to live theatre but your friends love going to the movie theatre. Again, what will benefit you in a positive way and help you move forward?

We all choose to have people in our lives for a certain reason. Early in our lives, we’re friends with people from junior/senior high school because we live in the same town/community as them and it’s easy since we can’t drive.

Later on, when we go to university/college, we become friends with a group who are in the same program like vce maths tutoring as us or who participate in the same activities as us.

After school, we’re friends with people from work because we spend so much time with them. They don’t necessarily share the same interests as us but they’re like family since we’re around them so much.

So in theory, we can have 3 types of friends – friends who are convenient to be friends with, friends who become close since they spend so much time around us and friends who share the same passions + interests as us. Which one will help us move forward? Well, the latter. The first two could also fall in the last category but not necessarily.

You see, when we let others dictate our lives and distract us from our path and our goals, then our dreams will suffer and will take longer for us to reach.

If your friends don’t understand when you choose to follow your passion rather than theirs, if they’re a true friend, they’ll understand. If they don’t, then they’re not are they?

Just something to think about. Happy Sunday and cheers to my 100th post!