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Passports Needed for Travel

Yea yeah, I’m sure there are many rants about passports and how it sucks we have to get them and how it sucks how long it takes to get them and how much they cost and yadda yadda yadda. But really it’s not that bad. Seriously. What I am ranting about however is the lack of desire, motivation, and lack of common sense in jobs (in this case a government job).

Alright, so I waited in line outside of the passport office for about 20 minutes. Fine. No big deal. And I knew that it would be about an hour once I got inside. Ok, no biggie. However, what I do have a problem with is the last 20 minutes of my waiting time. I got in around 2pm, so I figured I’d be done by 3. Well, around 2:45 – 2:55, 7 of the 9 agents decide to take their coffee breaks at the same time. So, for about 25 minutes, there was only 2 agents doing applications. Which meant that everyone sat there until 3:15 and NOBODY got waited on. I was going to complain or say something to the manager, but since I really need my passport for 3 weeks I felt it wise to keep my mouth shut in case they might red flag me or something for being a jackass. Ah well, 1.5 hours of waiting and I got my passport application in. Sweet. California, here I come. I checked out some of the best travel gear reviews to help make my trip go smoother. Its going to be a great trip!

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