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Difference Between What You Want To Do…and What You Were Meant To Do

I watched The Rookie a few weeks ago; a movie starring Dennis Quaid. In it, Dennis plays the role of a teacher who chose a career and a family over baseball. However, years later he has another shot at playing in the pros. I thought it was an excellent movie but there was a line that his father said to him that really stood out for me:

“It’s ok to think about what you want to do…until it’s time to start doing what you were meant to do.”

It really hit home inside of me because I find it too easy in life to always be wanting to do something or wanting to have something (the ‘keeping up with the jones’ mentality). But, in life I feel that everyone is meant to do something. For some, it takes longer than others to find out what that is but when you do, I truly feel that you should embrace your calling, be passionate about what you do and give it everything. What you will get back from doing what you love to do will amaze you and will truly enrich your life.

Just something to think about today.

Really think about what the quote means.

Let me know if it’s as powerful to you as it was to me.

Cheers 🙂

4 thoughts on “Difference Between What You Want To Do…and What You Were Meant To Do”

  1. Am watching The Rookie right now and this quote hit me also! I am 6 months in of opening a Youth Mentoring Center in Bellingham, WA and have been investing all my personal funds in the program. The community is starting to embrace it but no real big movement yet on a financial gain. Everyone believes in it and my passion and this quote is why I started this program. Educating Future Leaders

    Thanks for posting this quote!!

  2. Thanks for your comment Jason! Such a powerful quote and one that you can really use to drive your life I think.

    I think as long as you’re doing good work and surround yourself with good people then the financial side of it will come 🙂

    It’s certainly a great project from the sounds of it so best of luck with it!!

  3. Rob (and Jason), I’m glad someone else has seen this quote as an encouragement to “follow your dream”. Dreams-that persist-are not unattainable. I believe we were all uniquely created for a purpose, by a loving God who has a plan for each of us. As one who is toward the end of my life, He has led me on a series of church planting ventures, each of which has further revealed both His love and plan for His church as a change agent in society; yet, how, in so many ways the church has “missed the mark” of simply loving people as He does. For me, Jason’s dream of a mentoring youth is also God’s dream..the bible backs it up repeatedly. Whether it’s a youth center, or organizations like Young LIfe–focusing on coming alongside youth, listening to them, demonstrating to them, real love, commitment, help, friendship, family, and, when possible, God’s love for them and encouragement to follow their own dreams. To me, there is no better way to spend our lives than to spend our time, energy and resources into young people (and their families) in this way.

  4. I’m just watching the Movie & the same lines struck me as Synchronicity that Source is telling me something. I like what you wrote here & wanted to share my thoughts… We can keep working in jobs to don’t satisfy our Passions but, I realized last time I was laid off in 2016, that I would go after what I was meant to do. So, I started concentrating more on the Lifestyle Coaching that I was volunteering my time for since i2009 when I volunteered for Tony Robbins & his Associates. I also began Angel Oracle Card Readings as supplements to the Coaching. Now, I dabble with writing a book about all things Mystical including Angels, the Moon’s effects on us, positive talking & thinking, meeting your numerous Soulmates & Soul Family, & much more… Hope you’re living the life of your Dreams.

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