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Melty Snow

I curse you warm weather and melty snow for making mine and my friend’s lives so annoying.

Why won’t you just disappear altogether so we don’t constantly get stuck trying to park on the streets where we live?

Why can’t you just let our tires get enough grip so we can drive away?

Why do you feel like you need to make our tires spin?

a) so we can smell the smell of burning rubber?
b) so our neighbours can come and be neighbourly?
c) so we’ll buy winter tires?

I pick c).

I think it’s a conspiracy. I think tire manufacturers made it get warm and started the melty snow so we would consider buying winter tires.

Well guess what Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Pirelli, etc etc etc. You won’t win this round. Oh no. I will push my own car if I have to, but I will not buy winter tires. You’ll just have to find a more effective way of marketing to me. I don’t like such a vicious approach.

Please melty snow, go away.

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