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Family Cottage – Linkletter Beach, PEI

Everyone has favourite place which they like to be. Could be Elbow Falls in Calgary. Or  a beach in Hawaii. Or a hill that looks over the city.

Point is, people have a spot they enjoy going. It makes them feel calm. It’s a place where they can think. It’s a place which holds a lot of great memories.

That place for me is our family cottage on Linkletter Beach in Prince Edward Island. I haven’t been there since 2001. That makes me sad. But I’m going to try and get home this July. The Summerside Golf and Country Club is close by. I was 2 under after 3 holes the first time I ever played the course! Rest of the round…was…alright.

We used to have a family reunion there every few years. We’d play stickball with a tennis ball and a worn down broomstick handle. We took Brandy and Sheeba (our golden retrievers). We’d go swimming in the ocean and watch Rick put his catamaran out in the water. We’d make a big bonfire and sit around telling stories. We’d play croquet and it was great because my nanny and great aunts would play and they were good! We’d play cards and watch nanny get super into it. We’d hang out inside and just enjoy spending time together. I miss that place. Will be nice to spend some time there again.

What place holds those memories for you? Where do you like to go?

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